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21 Menus That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

Side of jalapenis, please.

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1. This "kid-friendly" menu seems rather morbid, no?

3. Mmmm...gotta love that nuts with scum.

4. For $100, those beer battered onion rings should come with a side of gold.

5. Cordon be enjoyed AFTER your election.

6. I feel bad for these specials.

7. Ass meat is my favorite.

8. And curry is only good when it's poo-green.

9. "Yes, sir, and would you like that with or without stench?"

10. Leakage open sandwich. Yum.

12. "Yes, sir, these particular prawns were birthed from first cousins. Delicious."

13. Anus burger? Think you mean Angus.

14. XXX jalapenis comin' right up.

15. Gimme an order of your fried balls.

16. "Made fresh yesterday" is officially the most passive aggressive sale ever.

17. Ghost that like cheese that died and rose from the grave?

18. Because, duh, wine=win.

19. Just be sure to ask for the C-L-T sandwich. Don't try to read it all at once.

20. Polio Monterrey — is there no vaccine for that?

21. "The Whatever...can I get that gluten-free?"

IDK whatever.