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    Mary-Kate And Ashley's Official Website Of The Early 2000s Will Make You Go WOW

    In 2002, it was AOL's #1 kid website.

    OK. These facts are blowing my mind. How times have changed. Here's what it was like being a Mary-Kate and Ashley fan with an Internet connection.

    Screenshots are courtesy of The Wayback Machine. (Which means sometimes images don't always display. But you'll still get an idea of what it looked like.)

    The website featured a broad range of Olsen fan stuff, but also chat rooms, fashion tips, and lifestyle pieces. Today's fitness tip? Do exercises in the bathtub.

    Here's a list of fashion tips...let's explore that third one, shall we?


    Another fashion tip about colors: "Have a friend hold different colors up to your face and ask which colors look best for you."

    There was a Q&A section where the twins would actually respond to your questions!

    They were also e-commerce pioneers! Look at this cool online store.

    Beach balls with the click of a mouse! So easy.

    Or you could get this really cool necklace.

    Obvi, enter this Pizza Hut sweepstakes.

    Um, wut? And an interview with Gavin Rossdale? (The twins also apparently had a Q&A with R.L. Stine, but it was in a video format that appears to have vanished.)

    Here's the 2001 site map. So much fun!

    And here's what happens when you try to go to today...

    It redirects you to the Olsenboye, the J.C. Penney line they designed. Although it appears they've stopped this project as the 2012 collection has come and go.