Marvel Man Stan Lee Was A Looker

Here’s a glimpse of the comic book legend as a teen from his 1939 high school yearbook.

1. This is Stan Lee in 2012 at age 89 (he’s 90 now).

He’s the former president and chairman of Marvel comics and the co-creator of tons of classic series including Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, and X-Men.

Starpix, Marion Curtis / AP

2. Here he is as a handsome high school kid as seen in his 1939 yearbook.

Lee attended De Witt Clinton High School in The Bronx. The book is up for grabs for $690.

Lee (whose real last name is Lieber) was involved in tons of activities including the magic, French, chess, and ping-pong clubs. And his nickname was Gabby. Cute.

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