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    Posted on Sep 19, 2015

    21 Times The Mall Failed So Hard It Just Failed

    America's playground.

    1. This sign, which could have done with a better placement:

    2. This decorative bush, which anyone can see looks like a big ol' penis:

    3. Selfies, the store:

    Now at a mall near you! The Selfies store. #wtf

    4. More penises:

    5. This creepy pointy-headed mannequin:

    6. The placement of this ad, which urges you to get your children to jump and touch the target. You know, for exercise:

    7. This store that tries to teach white people how to be cool:

    8. This "winning" mall sign:

    9. This restroom sign, which could be a bit confusing:

    10. This directive, placed above some type of alarm:

    Mall of the Emirates, H & M shop #fail #MAF

    11. This store name:

    12. This pissed-off mannequin...or pissed-off J.C. Penney employee, same diff:

    13. This hoe department, unfortunately closed for business:

    So I found this awesome epic fail at the mall yesterday

    14. This coffin store, literally called "’Til We Meet Again":

    15. This "community corner" (?), which more closely resembles the world's most depressing psychiatrist's office:

    16. This flooring on a Pennsylvania mall, which is one step away from being highly offensive:

    Interesting tile pattern in a #pennsylvania mall...I can't be the only one who's a bit bothered by this lol #fail

    17. This WTF situation:

    18. And this "WHY????" situation:

    “@LessionOfLife: she must not know that she looks stupider than him ”this is at the mall by my house.. Wtf

    19. This line of bros too afraid to cross the barrier of Victoria's Secret:

    20. This mall, which you shouldn't visit on a rainy day:

    21. And finally, this Christmas display, a work of true class:

    Not a very festive holiday set up at my local mall! #Christmas #Grinch #TheMall #WTF

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