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    Posted on Nov 5, 2014

    23 Magical Christmas Ornaments You'll Want Now

    Christmas don't be late.

    1. Leif Camp Oar Ornament Trio, $18


    3. Leif Caged Quartz Ornament, $20

    Rock ON.

    4. Anthropologie Arctic Explorer Ornament, $16

    Salskjdfaoijfapowejifaowj soooooooo cute!

    5. Urban Outfitters Falling Cats, $10

    Halp meeee I've fallen and I cat get up!

    6. Retro Space Robots Tree Ornament Set, $49.99

    Bleep blorp Christmas blorp.

    9. Urban Outfitters Hanging Diamond Ornaments (Set Of 6), $18

    You assemble these yourself, so if you suck at DIYs ... look at how crafty you've magically become. It's a Christmas miracle.

    10. Crate & Barrel Silver Cat Ornament, $7.95

    Meowy Christmas!

    11. Porcelain Feather Ornaments (Set Of 5), $38

    Feather friends.

    12. Ferm Living Brass Ornament, $18

    You are cool and artsy.

    13. Leif Feathered Adobe Ornament, $14

    It's a little home! For the birds!

    14. Land Of Nod Ballerina Ornament, $9.95 (Each)

    Hold me closer tiny daaaannnncer.

    15. Roost Porcelain Origami Ornament, $16.50 (Each)

    A+ origami skills.

    16. SketchInc Geometric Laser Cut Ornaments (Set Of 4), $16.41

    So chic. So modern.

    17. West Elm Felt Pig Ornament, $6


    18. Piuplace Handmade Wood Hearts (4), $12

    Hold my heart. OK.

    19. Urban Outfitters Cupcake Ornaments (Set Of 6), $10

    Imaeatchooooo, ornamenties.

    20. Alessi Donkey Ornament, $25


    21. Jonathan Adler Horse Ornament, $24


    22. Anthropologie Double Bubble Ornament, $28

    Oooh so prettyyyy. Could look at this forever.

    23. Free People Raw Crystal Ornament, $38

    This is clearly a magical device. Must. Touch.

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