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21 Keychains From The '90s You Almost Certainly Owned

Off da chain.

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1. This "GIRLS RULE" coin purse because GIRL POWER!

2. This Backstreet Boys keychain because you want keys that way.

3. This Pokémon keychain cuz Pikachuuuuuu!

4. This Powerpuff Girls photo album keychain, because you had super powers, too.

5. This smiley face bottle cap number because smiley faces were HUGE.

6. This Super Soaker keychain because it is SUPER AWESOME.

7. This clear purse for holding your keys AND YOUR BUTTERFLY HAIR CLIPS FUCK YEAH.

8. This Nantucket Nectars keychain because you definitely had a free one at some point, everyone did.

9. This Barbie keychain, which doubled as the funnest time ever.

10. This alien keychain because aliens are mad cool.

11. This troll doll keychain because you knew what was up.

12. This trippy coin purse keychain which you still want just admit it, OK?

13. This Beavis and Butt-Head keychain because huhhh huh heeehhh hhehhh huhhh.

14. Giga Pet keychain because you cared for another life ... and your keys.

15. This Angelica/Rugrats coin purse keychain because you were the boss.

16. This Donkey Kong Nintendo keychain because you were addicted to video games and proud of it.

17. This Spice Girls keychain because it was time to spice up your locks.

18. These Furby keychains because ... Furbys were ... cool?

19. This Lisa Frank keychain because LISA FRANK IS KING OF THE WORLD.

20. These Hit Clips keychains because you always had the latest in technology.

21. And this Little Mermaid keychain because you wanted to be where the keychains are. You wanna see, wanna see 'em jangle. Runnin' around on those — what's the word again? — oh, KEYS.

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