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18 Ways To Get Perfect Festival Hair

Coachella calling.

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1. Try half a braided crown, and instead of using a traditional braid, do a fishtail.

This tutorial can help you get started on the look.

2. Or how about this fishtail crown, which goes boho by loosening parts of the tail.

Check out this fun tutorial!.


5. Keep yourself cool in blazing summer heat with curly buns.

6. Oh heyyyy — you can also mix braid styles for a very festival-friendly look.

7. Mix your styles up with a combo of braids and buns.

Or ponytails and braids? So many options.

8. This heart braid is so sweet and out of the canon of normal braid styles.

Here's a tutorial! (Although you could also try to cheat it by positioning two straight braids with bobby pins.)


9. Here's a cool concept you haven't seen yet — try threading colorful string between two braids, as you would a corset.

10. Bring back the hair wrap — which you last rocked at summer camp in the '90s? — in a modern way.

FYI, if you have fine or delicate hair you don't want to damage, there are plenty of clip-ins to be found on Etsy.

11. Also: Hair wraps need not be shown off only with your hair down. They also look cool hanging from a bun.

12. Glitter is the new hair chalk! (Or at least it should be.)

Here's a guide to DIY it.


13. You can also layer in color into a traditional 'do.

14. The side braid may be basic — so consider a slight twist by placing it on a diagonal and having a cool flip at your part.

17. How about this regal-meets-bohemian look? Natural hair flows free, but gets a bit of structure/detail with a bouffant and braid crown accent.

18. And finally, flower crowns are so 2014.* If you want to incorporate flowers into your 'do, try sticking them in at the end of a braid.

*Well, not really. They're still pretty.