How Well Do You Know “Hocus Pocus”?

Come little children…take this quiz.

  1. 1. What is Binx's first name?
    1. Josiah
    2. Thackery
    3. William
  2. 2. The witches are known as...
    1. The Sampson Sisters
    2. The Willard Witches
    3. The Sanderson Sisters
  3. 3. The guy on the right (with the hat) — what's his name?
    1. Ice
    2. Bones
    3. Jeremy
  4. 4. The black flame candle must be lit by whom?
    1. A descendant of the original Salem settlers.
    2. A boy no older than 18 years.
    3. A virgin.
  5. 5. Max, Dani, and Allison declare victory and *think* they've destroyed the Sanderson Sisters by doing what?
    1. Luring them into a kiln and burning them.
    2. By blowing out the black flame candle.
    3. By locking them in a library and playing anti-witch music.
  6. 6. What mistake do Allison and Max make — in the witches' favor — just as time is running out?
    1. In attempting to guard Binx, they fall asleep and put him in danger.
    2. They open Winifred’s book of spells, which alerts the witches to its presence.
    3. They kiss, which destroy’s the candle’s magic and can’t be used against the witches.
  7. 7. What does Mary substitute for a broom?
    1. A lacrosse stick.
    2. A tiki torch.
    3. A vacuum.
  8. 8. What's the "one thing" Max knows that the witches supposedly don't?
    1. It’s always morning somewhere else on earth.
    2. Daylight savings time.
    3. You should always drive with your brights on.
  9. 9. What word has Max supposedly used to describe Allison's breasts?
    1. Yabbos.
    2. Boobs.
    3. Ta-Tas.
  10. 10. What city has Max just moved from?
    1. New York City.
    2. Chicago.
    3. Los Angeles.
  11. 11. Which of the following do the Sanderson Sisters NOT encounter on their quest?
    1. A policeman.
    2. “Master,” aka Satan.
    3. A horny bus driver.
  12. 12. What does Binx whisper into Dani's ear after his soul is set free?
    1. “There’s nothing left to fear.”
    2. “Be brave, Dani.”
    3. “I shall always be with you.”
  13. 13. What happens to Winifred during her struggle with Max?
    1. She bursts into flames.
    2. She turns to stone.
    3. She survives.

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