18 Home Offices That Will Give You New Decor Goals

    Working from home. Forever.

    1. This desk is shockingly simple to make — it's two Ikea drawers holding up a wood plank!

    2. Choose three or four muted tones to make a fun and soothing color palette.

    3. Ditch a regular office chair and add texture to your room with a comfy armchair.

    4. Looking for something calming? Try a combo of wood, blue, and yellow.

    5. Shelves, boxes, and just having a spot for everything can make an office feel way more organized.

    6. Office walls don't need to be bright! These slate walls give the room a library-like feeling.

    7. Don't make it all about work — add stylish touches from your closet to bring in a touch of chic.

    8. A long, clean desk means you can spread out or work with a friend.

    9. A really large piece of art behind a desk can make your workspace look rather regal.

    10. If you're into the industrial look, just know you don't need a lot going on to make it work!

    11. Rugs and lots of sitting space make this office feel more like a boutique hotel.

    12. Woodsy touches blend well with modern shapes and colors.

    13. A balance of storage space and art makes this cozy spot look so inviting.

    14. If you don't have a room for an office, a small corner will always do!

    15. Here's a cool idea if you don't want to repaint your walls entirely, but want some type of motif.

    16. OK, now you're just showing off. But actually, a round desk in the middle of a room totally works. Who would have thought?

    17. Add some austere antique-y items to your desk to make it feel smart and curated.

    18. And when in doubt, plants will always transform any workspace and make it feel brand new!