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    Nov 10, 2014

    Here's Where America Stands On Thanksgiving

    The results of our Thanksgiving poll show most people prefer this kind of pie ...

    We polled BuzzFeed readers on their Thanksgiving preferences, with questions ranging from food to family to traditions. Here's what people have to say about Turkey Day:

    1. Most of you are traveling back home to be with family for the holiday.

    2. And being home with family is what most of you prefer.

    3. Over half of you want to eat pumpkin pie — more than any other flavor — on Thanksgiving.


    Followed by...

    Apple pie: 31%

    Pecan pie: 18%

    4. Over half of you agreed on being most thankful for family this year.

    5. Most of you serve turkey and only turkey on the big day.

    6. You voted mashed potatoes and stuffing as the most important Thanksgiving sides.


    Followed by...

    Mac 'n cheese: 9%

    Green bean casserole: 8%

    Cranberry sauce: 6%

    Yams: 6%

    7. Black Friday proved to be a divided issue. 34% of voters hate it; people who love Black Friday are in the minority.

    8. A close call on what type of cranberry sauce you prefer, but the consensus is homemade:

    9. Homemade stuffing wins in a landslide over Stove Top:

    10. You were fairly evenly split on your Thanksgiving traditions:

    11. When asked whether you found pumpkin pie to be delicious or disgusting, you overwhelmingly decided that it was delicious:


    Only 27% said NONONONONONO to pump pie.

    12. And most of you say Thanksgiving is really about FAMILY. A mere 2% of you hate the holiday.


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