Here's What 23 Of Your Childhood Toys Look Like Now

    It would appear that Polly Pocket is basically homeless.

    1. The Fisher Price doctor's set now comes in a tote bag.

    2. The Barbie Dream House in the '80s and '90s vs. The Barbie Dream House today, which recently got a renovation.

    3. '90s Bop It seems way easier that present-day Bop It.

    4. Guys...Polly doesn't even live in a POCKET anymore.

    5. The Easy-Bake Oven has had many a makeover. Today's version may be the worst.

    6. OMG why is See 'N Say so complicated now?

    7. Girl Talk 1.0 vs....Girl Talk: 1D?! How did this even happen? The world has been turned on its head.

    BTW, 1D=One Direction. You know, the band? Or something?

    8. The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe now has crazy eyes.

    9. At left, Mall Madness of the '90s. At right, what happened in 2005.

    10. The Skip-It is now the Skip-It Twister Rave. Is this a symptom of our ADD society? We can't just have a Skip-It, it also has to be a bad '90s party and another game?

    11. Lite Brite is now Lite Brite with an LED Flat Screen. Kids.

    12. Optimus Prime got a Michael Bay makeover.

    13. The Power Wheels Barbie car is now a VW Bug convertible. That's kind of a downgrade, right?

    14. Baby Alive's hair is part of her head a very unnatural way.

    15. Little People have gotten a makeover.

    16. Cabbage Patch Kid dolls...still as creepy as ever.

    17. The Littlest Pet Shop pups don't even look like real animals anymore. Why are the faces of EVERYTHING so weird now?

    18. Strawberry Shortcake has clearly turned into one of those tweenagers you need to watch.

    19. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles still look fairly similar...just maybe a tad less aggressive?

    20. My Little Pony had wayyyyyyy too much plastic surgery.

    21. Fisher-Price adjustable rollerskates are still around. Clearly the originals are the koolest.

    22. What's up with the new Magna it more ergonomic or something?

    23. There's now a crazy version of Guess Who? called Guess Who? Electronic Extra that looks mighty complicated. (They still make a version closer to the original but the faces on that one are changed.)

    Of course, some things never change...don't go changin', Legos.