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    Here Are The Most Popular Disney Princesses

    Any idea which princess people <3 the most?

    Last week, BuzzFeed asked readers which Disney princess was their favorite. With over 140,000 total votes, here are the results, ranked from least to most popular.

    In last place ... the princess with the fewest votes was Snow White. She took a mere 2% of the vote. Somewhere the Evil Queen is jumping up and down with glee.

    Surprisingly, you were cold to Frozen's Anna, putting her in 12th place with 3% of the vote and 3,756 votes. Guess no one wants to build a snowman.

    In 11th place, 3% of you think Tiana is hop-penning, with 4,512 votes.

    You made a Brave choice putting Merida in 10th place, with 4% of the vote and 5,736 votes. Just sayin', girl knows how to aim an arrow.

    Elsa takes 9th place — which might have something to do with her being a princess-turned-queen — winning 5% of the vote with 6,292 votes. She'll let it go.

    Bippity-boppity-vote: 5% also chose Cinderella, with 7,537 votes, she comes in 8th.

    Next, in 7th place, Pocahontas paints with 6% of the vote and 8,621 votes.

    Coming in 6th place we have Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty, taking 7% of true love's vote with 9,554 votes.

    Jasmine won 8% of the vote with 10.5k votes, putting her in 5th place. Does this info make everything a whole new world?

    9% of you (12.9k votes) said Rapunzel was your mane lady, putting her in 4th place.

    13% of you were sold(ier) on Mulan, putting her in 3rd place with 18.4k votes.

    Ariel is second favorite fin-tastic princess with 17% of the vote and 24.1k votes.

    Which brings us to the Disney princess the most people indicated as their favorite ...

    Belle! She beasted the rest with 25.8k votes, and 18% of you gave her your vote.

    But of course, all of them are winners because Disney + Princess = <3 <3 <3

    Here are the full results if you want to review: