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    22 Hair Color Tips No One Ever Told You

    For everyone who's dyed and accidentally gone to hell.

    Instagram: @christinesilvermancolor / Instagram: @lorenmiles / Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed Life spoke with four hair color experts to get the details on everything you need to know on getting the best color, maintaining it, and not losing half your paycheck to your hair.


    Anyone who colors their hair knows that it can be hella confusing (not to mention time-consuming and pricey). So we decided to get some professional advice on how to make the dyed life more easy and understandable. Our experts are...

    - Christine Silverman, colorist at Ramirez Tran, a top Beverly Hills salon.

    - Guy Tang, a hair activist, celeb stylist and YouTube personality who has gained a cult following for his informational hair dye videos.

    - Loren Miles, a hairstylist at Bleach in London, which specializes in beautiful, punky colors.

    - Shaun Surething, lead stylist and co-owner of the famed Seagull Salon in Manhattan's West Village.


    1. Drugstore hair dye will only reflect the color on the box if you have virgin (aka never-before-dyed) hair AND if your hair is lighter than the color dye you're going to use.

    2. If you're re-dyeing your hair, don't put dye on the ends of your hair.

    3. When you're not pulling dye through the ends, use a gloss in a slightly lighter shade to add shine and consistency.

    4. If you've got green tones from old color or chlorine, try a pink shampoo.


    5. Use a sulfate-free shampoo.

    6. Use heat styling tools sparingly and responsibly.

    7. When you are styling your hair — especially if you have temporary color — make sure to use a heat protecting spray or product.

    8. Blondes should do a moisturizing and nourishing mask treatment at home once a week.

    9. Also, blondes should use a silver shampoo once or twice a week.

    10. Get a shower filter.


    11. Opt for balayage instead of traditional highlights to extend time between salon visits.

    12. If you're broke and just need something to carry you for a while, ask your stylist about getting a base break.

    13. If you're desperate to hide roots, you can try a DIY option, apply eyeshadow with a wand or brush to the roots.

    14. Ask your stylist about getting a glaze or gloss, which is an inexpensive way to revive color.

    15. If you're a blonde, a Malibu treatment can make your color look a bit fresher.


    16. Ask your colorist about Olaplex, a miracle-working repair treatment.

    17. Had a disaster? You can try removing color with Color Oops.

    18. If you've damaged your hair, get yourself on nutritional supplements right away to get your natural, healthy hair growing.


    19. Want to try a punky color? Construction paper makes for good DIY color swatches.

    20. If you're scared about how your color will turn out, secondary colors are safer.

    21. Before swimming, rub down your locks in coconut oil.

    22. To protect your hair color, condition first when you wash it.