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    18 Glorious Nail Art Designs For Fall

    Crisp colors for the season!

    1. Jazz up a French manicure with some fall foliage:

    2. Apples are in season, making them perfect for nail art motifs:

    3. If you want something simple, how about a palette of some muted (yet delightful) seasonal hues:

    4. 'Tis the time for orange. Now glam it up a bit with a glitter fade:

    5. How about some back-to-school cool? This design works even if you aren't headed back to campus:

    6. Here's a creative and elegant arrangement of autumnal textures and shades:

    7. Football season is coming up, so show your team (or just general sport) pride:

    8. Gold leaf on a rich mahogany hue mimics falling leaves:

    9. This leafy design feels very back-to-school cool:

    10. This design is a bit less traditional but really captures everything about fall — the mixture of warmth, greenery, and harvesty hues:

    11. Take a bit of pumpkin spice nail art with that latte:

    12. Or, try imagining what the nail art version of a candy apple would be:

    13. A great way to make fall nail art pop is to pick a couple traditional autumn colors, then add one unexpected color that will really pop:

    14. This velvety red feels like an October sunset:

    15. When it gets a bit chillier, fine feathers and glitter will suit the weather perfectly:

    16. Wow — this manicure totally breaks down an image of fall foliage and puts in into varnish:

    17. An argyle pattern in chocolate tones might make you think of cozy sweaters:

    18. And of course, just a single tree dotted with orange-gold leaves works at any point in the season: