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21 Fun Summer Nail Art Ideas

Paint on that fun.

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1. Try a bouquet of tropical fruits to sweeten your day:

2. Or, use a marbling technique to create a swirled summer sunset:

3. Get that nautical vibe going for all your beach, pool, and lakeside chilling:

4. Or, for something super simple in a similar theme, try adorning one nail with a little whale silhouette:

5. Pastels in girly colors only look better with a bit of a tan:

(Of course we advise using self-tanner and protecting yourself from the sun!)

6. 'Tis also the season to break out all those wild neons. Try mixing up the design on each nail:

7. Firecracker pops would be perfect for any 4th of July fete:

8. But these ice cream-inspired nails are equally delicious:

9. And don't these remind you of the perfect cooldown treat, Dippin' Dots?

10. Turn up the heat with a medley of bright, bright colors:

11. Or, here's another way to do vibrant colors that's super easy:

12. Summer strawberry nails are oh-so-pretty:

13. But nothing says "summer" so much as a watermelon French mani:

14. These pool-perfect nails will make you wanna dive right in:

15. While this design will remind you of the seascape you Instagrammed last weekend:

16. These dainty daisy designs should remind you of everything you wore in the summer of '97:

17. This palm tree motif might be tricky to do on your own, but your local nail salon can probably replicate it:

18. Of course, a beachy ombre is totally easy using a makeup sponge technique:

19. You can also do an ombre in a summery lemon-lime flavor:

20. OK, wow. This combo of starfish charms and seashell-like polish is insane:

21. And this ice cream design is a perfect reminder of your childhood — whether it's summer or not:

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