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    18 Extremely Awkward Celebrity Christmas Photoshoots

    Thank you '80s and '90s, for the weird and corny pinups you gave us.

    1. Only one New Kid (on the Block) was thoughtful enough to bring a gift.

    2. Oh my god, Christina. This is messed up.

    3. Justin Timberlake was nearly strangled by tinsel on this photo shoot.

    4. Geri is clearly not OK being completely covered up. She's just waiting to bust out of her santa robes in fishnets and a corset.

    5. OK why is Santa wearing jeans?

    6. Jonathan Knight... you might actually be enjoying this.

    7. Brenda and Brandon were just kids...who acted like a married couple when given a Christmas tree and some presents.

    8. I mean. You can't really blame Motley Crue for having such an insane Christmas poster.

    9. Neil Patrick Harris managed to totally one-up Santa in that slick suit and purple tie.

    10. The Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter: clearly not a fan of the holiday.

    11. "Yayyyyy! Presents!" Hilary Duff exclaims to no one.

    12. Anytime a boy band dresses in Santa outfits, you can hardly tell them apart. Nice work, NSYNC.

    13. Matt Dillon poses with his favorite doll of the '80s, Crazy-Eyes Santa.

    14. You remember David Faustino? Who played Bud Bundy? He might be losing his Santa hat, but he at least has a poorly wrapped gift for you.

    15. From the Destiny's Child Christmas album. Of COURSE Bey has to be the center of attention.

    16. Ralph Macchio, aka The Karate Kid, holds a stocking with what appears to be a very disappointing gift inside.

    17. NSYNC, this looks slightly dangerous, no?

    18. Nick and Jessica, back when they were Nick and Jessica.

    RIP, '90s.

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