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    Posted on Feb 4, 2014

    Drew Barrymore Was A Brilliant Actor At 4 Years Old

    This 1979 Pillsbury commercial is proof.

    At just 4, Drew Barrymore was already showing a wide range of theatrical brilliance — which takes most people years to hone — as seen in this 1979 commercial for Pillsbury's chocolate chip cookie dough.

    It is a rainy day in suburbia. A tiny Drew arrives home, soaked, despite her ample rain gear.

    She is, understandably, quite sad. After all, she is a child to parents who allow their daughter to walk herself to preschool.

    Notice the subtle, yet poignant, shift as Drew goes from sad to Grumpy Cat-level depression.

    Drew knows how to build intrigue. Here, as she ingests a warm chocolate chip cookie, she showcases a mysterious air of contentment.

    Until Drew finally erupts in pure, realistic, joy. I now believe in cookies.

    Check out the full commercial here:

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