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15 Clever Organization Products For Beauty Addicts

Pretty lipsticks, all lined up in row.

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2. Have a lot of eyeshadow compacts or pots running your vanity amok? You can apparently get perfectly sized acrylic organizers for that.

Acrylic 8-space compact holder, $18.99 from ByAlegory.

3. How soothing will it be once you have all your lipsticks lined up in their lipstick-shaped spaces?

You can get a 12-lipstick acrylic organizer for $6.28 at Aliexpress.


6. Clear drawers are really the best way to organize your makeup — depending on the configuration, you can have spaces for lip glosses, shadows, and compacts. Plus, you can see them all.

A three-drawer stack costs $19.99 at Target.

7. If you're seriously overloaded on products, try organizing by type/color in a clear shoe holder.

You can get one from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $14.99.


9. If you have a ton of eyeliners and pencils, one way to organize them is to stick them in a travel makeup brush kit.

You can get a small one from e.l.f. for $12.

10. Toothpaste squeezers (which also work on lotion and foundation bottles) will help you avoid crossover and clutter — this way you won't end up with a replacement product and the old one you're still trying to get a few drops out of.

Ooouse's lip shaped toothpaste squeezer is $1.70 on Amazon.

12. But then again, if you'd rather keep your polishes out of sight, thread and craft organizers can actually do the trick.

Clear thread organizer, $14.99 from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft.


15. Makeup palette junkie? Try a letter organizer to keep them visible and easily accessible.

Try something simple from Staples for $3.99.