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21 Cats Who Were Just Trying To Help

Because that's what cats do.

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1. "I'm just guarding them until you get back."

2. "You said you were cold."

3. "Carry the add the 2...yes, very good!"

4. "Are these dirty or clean? Human?"

5. "I think you're still a bit sharp, bro."

6. "It prints faster if you do it this way."

7. "But you said we were going to plant some catnip. I definitely didn't make that up. I guess you forgot."

8. "Nononono...I'm getting this donut to bring to YOU."

9. "That's it...lengthen...from your core...yes."

10. "Yeah, I dunno where your purple sweater is either. I can look again."

11. "You really need to learn how to do this on your own."

12. "Sorry, sorry, just looking for my...where in the world did I put that bill?"

13. "It's called a massage, bro."

14. "Yes, these clothes are definitely dirty."

15. "I got the corner! I SAID I GOT IT."

16. "Trust me. It goes faster this way."

17. "It's cool! I got it. I'll clean this right up."

18. "I regret to inform you that the file you are looking for cannot be located."

19. "You literally do the same exact thing to the rolly paper. I'm just doing it faster."

20. "I'm just going to make sure it's not poisoned before you eat it."

21. "I'm just here for moral support."

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