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21 Brilliantly Organized Closets That Will Make You Want To Clean

Everything in its right place.

1. Shelves in a sloped closet are the perfect way to display purses.

2. This craft closet has got it going on: Literally every thing has a place!

3. If you don't have enough shoes to color coordinate them...time to go shopping.

4. Same goes for suits.

5. A place just to hang shirts means you can use all the space below for racks and drawers.

6. If you have a walk-in, this shoe shelving makes a closet look like a goddamn boutique.

7. This girl is so organized, she even has a place for her headbands.

8. Kids' closets give you so much room to play with interior storage 'cause their clothes are so wee!

9. Drawers can cause chaos β€” putting jeans in piles makes them so much easier to get to.

10. Split up a rack with open shelving for easy access.

11. This kitchen pantry is the picture of pristine thanks to evenly spaced and labeled boxes.

12. If you have a combined boudoir/closet, why not stash your extra products with all the rest of your goods?

13. Everything about this is so good β€” from the shoes perfectly angled to the color-coordinated folded items.

14. This is one very efficient way to catalog your shoe collection.

15. Lots of different storage boxes makes this linen closet immaculate.

16. This is a veritable library of shoes. Plus those hanging belts and purses keep floor space open.

17. Pull-out boxes in pretty colors are perfect for a little girl's bedroom.

18. Symmetry = pretty.

19. For when your house is actually a five-star hotel.

20. Here's another way to use empty space and organize bags β€” hang them under a surface.

21. Mr. Grey will see you now.

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