17 Unexpected Ways To Decorate With Removable Wallpaper

    It's all about how you put in on the wall.

    1. Removable wallpaper is great for decorating a small spare wall — you know the one...the one you've never known what to do with.

    2. Not to mention, it's an alluring accent for oddly shaped spaces that can't really accommodate any other decoration.

    3. It looks fantastic as a backing to open shelves — in the kitchen, or anywhere, really.

    4. If you've got paneled walls, you can try out blocks of pattern without committing forever.

    5. Oh hayyyy, fancy fridge. Lookin' good in that new (removable!) suit.

    6. Another kitchen tip: Make plain cabinets pretty by creating a paneled effect.

    7. Ceilings are probably the most neglected areas when it comes to decor. Jazz up a nook or bathroom with an unexpected touch of fun.

    8. Removable wallpaper is perfect for a kid's room (because you know they're going to want something different once they get older). But look at all the fun shapes you can make with adhesives, too!

    9. Try using a panel of wallpaper to frame a feature — like a fireplace — that's built in to your wall.

    10. Speaking of fireplaces, if you have a decorative/non-functional one, adhesive wallpaper is a novel way to dress it up.

    11. Looking for a quick weekend DIY? Gussy up a closet or bathroom door with a stripe of fun.

    12. Wallpaper isn't just for walls — try covering dressers or desks with panels of patterns.

    13. And if you're using removable wallpaper to decorate a piece of furniture, you can also consider using scraps as pieces of matching art.

    14. If you're using a piece of furniture as a wall divider, might as well make it actually look like one!

    15. Stairs before: BORRRING. Stairs now: AHHHH SO MUCH FUN!

    16. You can also use removable wallpaper to create faux textures — fake a wood, brick, or stone surface.

    17. And if you've already covered every inch of your space and are hungry for something new to decorate, there's always your bathroom cabinet.