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    14 Reasons Why Rainbow Colors Look Gorgeous On Black Hair

    Dark hair just makes color pop!

    1. Check out how striking two different colors can look in braids:

    2. Keeping long, natural roots can make any color pop (especially with the right makeup):

    3. Check out what happens when a split-color gets incorporated into a French braid:

    4. Chunky purple highlights are a big decision but the payoff is absolutely wonderful:

    5. And while an ombre fade is probably easier to do on lighter hair, it's so much more of a statement on dark hair:

    6. Pink and black is pretty punk rock, but in an updo, it looks super fun:

    7. Patches of green look undeniably cool:

    8. With the right techniques, even a bright red can be blended into black locks seamlessly:

    9. I mean. Who wouldn't do a double-take at this black-and-purple perfection:

    10. Orange ombre looks like it was inspired by a smoky bonfire:

    11. And green ombre on dark hair looks like a mermaid swimming in black waters:

    12. With the right layers, half-purple/half-black looks positively stunning:

    13. Black peeping out from an undercut is an edgy way to upgrade your pixie cut:

    14. And you can always go simple — a stripe of orange will always do: