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    Posted on Oct 10, 2015

    14 Basic And Brilliant Ways To Use Sriracha

    Red hot.

    1. Any basic sriracha lover knows that eggs were probably created for the express purpose of providing a base for dots of this yummy red sauce.

    2. It can spice up just about any kind of pizza — and it's especially good on cold pizza.

    3. Looking for the perfect snack, you say? Try a bit of toast with hummus and sriracha.

    4. You can basically use sriracha in place of ketchup. Just look at this perfect hot dog:

    5. And potatoes/fries are so much more fun with sriracha. (Or, a half-ketchup, half-sriracha mixture.)

    6. Have you ever tried sriracha on top of macaroni and cheese? Pure heaven.

    7. In fact, it makes so many junk foods taste better. Potato chips in any flavor get a kick.

    8. But the good news is that it's also a friend to healthy eaters: Add some to steamed veggies like broccoli or green beans. Also great with asparagus.

    9. Literally the easiest and yummiest hors d'oeuvre you can make is a deviled egg topped with sriracha.

    10. Avocado + sriracha = rich and peppery snack.

    11. You can top some Chex cereal with the stuff — the mix of subtle sweet with tangy fire is surprisingly addictive!

    12. The only way to make movie night better? BRING ME THE RED STUFF.

    13. Before, this was a normal steak. Now it's sriracha-tastic!

    14. And if you wake up to a bagel and cream cheese with sriracha, your day can't possibly go wrong.

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