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18 Beautiful Space Tattoos That Will Enchant You

Heavenly bodies.

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1. Check out the incredibly fine detail on this sophisticated moon illustration.

2. This lineup is a tiny tribute to our universe — and perhaps a good reminder of how small we really are.

3. This Saturn, filled in with a galaxy motif, will make you wonder about what's out there.

4. This is a copy of Carl Sagan's pulsar map, which is on board the Pioneer and Voyager spacecrafts, and is supposed to tell aliens where we're located in the universe.

5. What about a minimalist interpretation of our solar system?

6. Or perhaps you prefer one that's a bit more embellished.

7. A simple Saturn to satisfy your space-y needs.

8. And here's an artsy Saturn to take you higher.

9. For those hoping to find new life!

10. Here's a design if you're looking for a more metaphysical view on Earth.

11. But maybe you prefer more of a geometric view of our heavenly bodies.

12. Pretty planets all in a row.

13. ::chorus of angels sing::

14. This is cooler than any science fair project you ever did in school.

15. This solar system looks like it flew off the pages of the funnest science textbook.

16. While this tattoo is cribbed from a vintage scientific illustration.

17. Here's proof that the cosmos don't even need color to be full of wonder:

18. Space: The final frontier.

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