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26 Apps You Need To Survive In Los Angeles

The best city ever just got easier.

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1. Los Angeles Dining Out

When Yelp is overwhelming, you know you'll always get a good recommendation from L.A. mag's app. Get it for iOS.

2. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee addicts get perks — get a free beverage or bakery item for every $40 spent. Get it for iOS and Android.

3. In-N-Out Burger

If you worship at the temple of In-N-Out, there's actually an app that'll help you find locations near you in a snap. Get it for iOS and Android.

4. Café Gratitude

Of course, you might also be a health nut. Vegans and raw foodies can place orders for pickup on the Gratitude app. I AM APPY! Get it for iOS and Android.

5. KCRW Radio

Because you can't live without it in your car, now it comes with you on walks, in the shower, to the gym. Plus, you'll find concert and event suggestions. Get it for iOS or Android.

6. KCRW Fringe Benefits

Speaking of KCRW, are you a member? You should be if you're listening regularly. But also the Fringe Benefits card gets you TONS of discounts all over the city. This app keeps the list handy for you! Get it for iOS and Android.

7. 5 Every Day

This app is so simple yet so genius — it suggests five different things to do each day. So you'll get curated suggestions on what art or music to see, where to eat, or places to explore. Get it for iOS.

8. Arclight Cinemas

Arclight lovers can book tickets and pick seats on the go. Get it for iOS.

9. L.A. Weekly

A good resource for events, restaurants, and bars, plus local news. Get it for iOS and Android.

10. Mousewait

The crowd index feature makes this useful Disneyland pass holders trying to figure out whether today's a good day to go to Disney. Get it for iOSand Android.

11. Coachella

Are you going to Coachella? Did you know there's this handy app to help schedule your day? Get it for iOS and Android.

12. Pop Physique

Schedule your classes at #buttschool easily with this app. Get it for iOS and Android.

13. YAS

With multiple locations across the city, YAS (stands for "yoga and spin") is a great way to get in shape. The YAS app is a good way to start scheduling your sweat sessions. Get it for iOS and Android.

14. YogaWorks

See locations, schedules, book your classes, plus stay informed on workshops and deals. Get it for iOS and Android.

15. Waze

Obviously. If you want to get places the fastest way possible. Get it for iOS and Android.

16. Secret Stairs Silver Lake

Did you know there are tons of hidden staircases all over Silver Lake? This app helps you find them and creates walks for you. $1.99 for iOS.

17. ParkMe

Browse parking garages near your destination, see rates, plus there's a handy "mark my car" feature. Get it for iOS and Android.

18. Curbstand

This is a genius idea that will hopefully take over the city — Curbstand is a cashless valet app! It's currently at 170 locations. Get it for iOS.

19. Where's My L.A. Metro Bus

Reviews are very favorable for this app which predicts how long until your next bus. Get it for iOS.

20. Hike Los Angeles

Find a hike that fits your difficulty level and time available. $0.99 for iOS.

21. Lyft

The cheaper Uber is super convenient and let's you split fares with friends. Get it for iOS and Android.

22. Saucey

If you're hosting a party or already drinking at home, here's a way to get even drunker. Alcohol delivered to your door! Get it for iOS and Android.

23. Postmates

Postmates connects you with someone who will get you goods from any local store or restaurant. You can literally have someone go to Trader Joe's for you to pick out your groceries, and deliver them. Get it for iOS and Android.

24. MyLA 311

Quickly find public facilities like pools, tennis courts, parks and libraries. Plus you can pay your LADWP bill with the app. Get it for iOS and Android.

25. Washio

In a city where you spend time stuck in traffic, running an errand can feel like it tacks hours onto your commute. Washio will come pick up your laundry and dry cleaning. One less stop on your way home! Get it for iOS and Android.

26. Redfin

L.A.'s real estate market has gotten so competitive, it's cutthroat. With Redfin's mobile app, you're able to constantly check out houses everywhere you go. Which means you might just be able to get in the first offer. Get it for iOS and Android.

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