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21 Cakes Every '90s Kid Will Dream About

The '90s are still delicious.

1. This artful NSYNC cake, which appears to come pre-adorned with body glitter.

2. This cake which is the best/worst '90s mixtape ever.

3. Here's a confection for all GameBoy addicts.

4. Of course if you want something more girly, there's this very pink design.

5. These cupcakes are a reminder of your childhood doodles and how you used to waste time.

6. Bet this Rugrats cake tastes just as good as a Reptar Bar.

7. If you're going to have this Clueless-themed cake, just make sure people RSVP so you're not totally buggin'.

8. If you eat this Jumanji cake, all hell breaks loose. JK. You just get full.

9. This Lisa Frank cake is a rainbow-coated miracle.

10. Here's one for anyone who saw Jurassic Park more than five times in the theater. ::raises hand::

11. If only R.L. Stine had written a Goosebumps called Sleep And You'll Never Cake-Up.

12. Heroes in a half-shell, treats on mini-cakes.

13. This Lion King cake means no worries for the rest of your birthdays.

14. Pikachuuuuu!

15. Holy moly, this Saved by the Bell cake is truly a work of art. Nothing the gang could have whipped up in home ec class, that's for sure.

16. Instead of "Happy Birthday," it'd be better to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme when this cake comes out.

17. A Hungry Hungry Hippos cake for Hungry Hungry Hippos.

18. Like your Tamagotchis before, this one will likely also get killed.

19. Here's a cake for any '90s girl who worshipped the one named Sailor Moon.

20. What a cute idea for cupcakes — use two to depict Toy Story characters.

21. This Seinfeld-themed cake isn't the most appetizing (does the top taste like soup), but double dipping would probably be welcome.