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A Tribute To Your Teen Fantasy, Ethan Embry

The guy from Can't Hardly Wait was the perfect combination of nerd, sweetheart, and, oh yeah: HOT.

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Ethan Embry (he went by Ethan Randall for a while) got his start in acting at a very early age.

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Here he is around age 9 or 10 in a Fox Kids' commercial to promote self-image or something? He plays a boy who watches the girl of his dreams move in next door and he imagines all the ways to get her attention, until he does by just being himself. Good advice.

In 1991, he had a small role as Albert Brooks' childhood friend in Defending Your Life.

I don't know why people seem not to care about this movie. It is one of the best movies ever. And now better that I know Ethan Embry was in it.


Except then you found out he was married and had a kid?! Your dreams were crushed.

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According to Wikipedia, Embry got married for the first time in 1998, when he was only 20. His son was born in 1999. He has since had a few shake-ups, but is maybe single now???


Since then, Ethan's been working steadily in TV.

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His most notable recent roles have been Declan Giggs on Brotherhood, and he's also been on the new ABC series, Once Upon A Time.

But, uh, the thing you REALLY need to know is that Ethan Embry is on Vine and he has some AMAZING videos.