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A Tribute To Hard Candy Nail Polish As You Knew It In The '90s

Here's an old school look back at this cult beauty brand.

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As the legend goes: "The company's first product was nail polish that [co-founder Dineh Mohajer] mixed herself - a shade of baby blue named 'Sky' to match her Charles David sandals." How '90s is that sentence?


"Sky" is the pastel blue hue with the heart-shaped ring. Alicia Silverstone made it famous by being the first celeb to talk about and wear Hard Candy.

Do you remember how, in 1997, they launched a men's polish line called "Candy Man"?


This idea was short-lived but included a range of metallic colors with names like Testosterone, Superman, Gigolo, Dog, Oedipus, and Cowboy.

But then something happened...after the early 2000s, Hard Candy seemingly disappeared.


Does anyone know where it went between about 2003-2008? Was it around but we didn't care? Did production stop? It's a mystery.

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