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    A Day In The Life Of A Teenage Girl In The Early 2000s

    You spent so much time straightening your hair.

    1. Time to wake up! Your clock radio goes off. You wake up to the sounds of your local hits station and press snooze...

    2. Until a good song comes on.

    3. Make sure you put on so much Bad Gal eyeliner.

    4. (Ever since you read this, you've gotten so good at makeup.)

    5. And straighten your hair. OMG you have a Sapphire straightener? You're so lucky.

    6. You're still so excited about this vintage-y looking shirt you bought last week and so far no one has caught on that it's from Urban!

    7. Slip into your go-to pair of American Eagle jeans.

    8. Before you leave the house, be sure to browse Perez Hilton quickly to make sure you didn't miss any Lindsay Lohan news.

    9. And if it's chilly, maybe think about grabbing that pashmina.

    10. And don't forget your Sidekick. You can't live without it.

    11. On the way to school, you of course need to grab some caffeine.

    12. Before first period, you and your girls flip through Teen People where you find inspiration for your next haircut. Let's hope Jessica M. doesn't copy you this time.

    13. In between classes, you listen to the mix CD your cool camp friend gave you. And this one actually plays. The last one she sent didn't. WTF.

    14. Oh, shoot. You have an iPod? Forget everything I just said. You're so cool. You don't need anyone.

    15. After school, maybe you and your friends are going to wait in line for the new Harry Potter book. (Because no, you're never too old for this shit.)

    Joe Raedle / Getty Images

    16. Or if it's Friday, why not wait in line for the new Harry Potter movie?

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    17. Just make sure that Jessica M.'s big sister — the one with the cute VW Bug — drives you guys. You don't want to show up to the mall in your parents' station wagon.

    18. When you get home, you know you should probably do some homework. Go ahead and fire up that Dell laptop.

    19. Or your Sony Vaio.

    20. The first thing you do is log onto AIM where you update your Away message approximately every 10 minutes. Any of these sound familiar?

    21. And you really want to find some Gwen Stefani or No Doubt on Kazaa.

    22. Forget homework. You'd much rather play The Sims. And since you know the cheat to get tons of free money, you go back to building the dream house you will live in with Josh Hartnett.

    23. Gotta get your news, right?

    24. OK. Just one game of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." Except no one can ever just play one of these.

    25. You try to get in a few episodes of Lizzie McGuire...

    26. Or The OC... but it's getting late, so you'll head to bed after one episode.

    27. Now it's time for bed and you're feeling like you need to relax and think some deep thoughts, so you turn off the lights and put on some Norah Jones. Zzzzz....

    Oh! But don't forget to set that clock radio again!

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