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20 Memes That Are Too Real For '90s Kids


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1. Because screw autocorrect:

2. Because this was a legit skill:

3. Because once you've seen this, you'll never unsee it:

4. Because Kel loves orange soda:

5. Because Xena kicked all the butts:

6. Because kids today don't even know what these things are:

7. Because this was the worst thing that could happen:

8. Because, no joke, Hocus Pocus defined you:

9. Because Nickelodeon didn't prepare you for the real world:

10. Because '90s technology is now a joke:

11. Because you did this to all your notebooks:

12. Because there is a difference:

13. Because '90s kids need to stick together:

14. Because music in the '90s was constantly frustrating:

15. Because this is how you measure whether someone will make a good parent:

16. Because poop was deadly:

17. Because Grandpa Lou was a boss:

18. Because the truth was, there was never enough space:

19. Because this was a huge injustice you still don't feel right about:

20. And because kids today will never understand life in the '90s:

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