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19 Tacky And Confusing Moments From "MTV Cribs"

Décor depression. It's a real thing. You may experience it after reading this post.

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5. Destiny's Child's house in Houston, Texas is clearly the evil work of Tina Knowles.

No doubt about it: Tina controlled every square inch of that place. She covered everything in saris.

8. Oh wait, this is Solange's room. It's actually a charming reminder of teen décor of the early 2000s. But soooo shiny.

And it was a converted garage and basically her own private house. So she didn't have to see anyone.


15. Of course, Mariah's "MTV Cribs" tour will live in sorrowful infamy. Here she is telling us about how she owns Marilyn Monroe's piano.

But she's not going to show it to us. Because doing so would chip away the last remaining morsel of her soul.

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