18 Newborn Puppies Ready To Take On The World

    Hello, world!

    1. This Shiba Inu who is ready to dance at his birthday party.

    2. This little guy who is just waiting for his mom to wake up so they can go have fun.

    3. This little baby, who is already flirting with the camera.

    4. This one-month-old Husky, who is ready to make some friends.

    5. This young Maltese, taking in the outside world for the first time.

    6. These Goldendoodles, ready to get into trouble. Or take a nap. To each his own.

    7. This petite pug who wants your love.

    8. This barely foot-long Dachshund, ready to go do some cool shit.

    9. This newborn Beagle, just loving the crap out of a tummy tickle.

    10. This pretty Cockapoo, excited to finally get to the playground.

    11. This bundle of pug joy, who is ready to party!

    12. These kid poodle siblings, who know that the art of spooning is sacred.

    13. This palm-sized Pomeranian, who knows just how to work your heartstrings.

    14. This seven-week-old Havanese, who just wants his beautiful face to be seen.

    15. This Beagle bébé who is all, "C'mon mommmmmm c'mon!"

    16. This teeny guy, just waiting to take his mustache out on the dance floor.

    17. This Shih Tzu baby, who is already working that sass.

    18. And these newborn poodles who have just opened their eyes...and now want to see the world!