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    18 Amazing "Saved By The Bell" Behind-The-Scenes Photos

    Pure gold: the Bayside gang goofing around on set.

    1. Zack and Slater at a table reading.

    2. Behind the scenes of an episode called "No Hope For Dope," which makes this picture even more amazing.

    3. Slater studies lines on set.

    4. Mark-Paul Gosselaar giving the studio audience exactly what they came for.

    5. The infamous Bayside boys' bathroom.

    6. The gang greeting the live studio audience.

    7. Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie goofing around in the wardrobe department.

    8. The show's art director with set plans.

    9. Would give anything to know what these Baysiders are talking about.

    10. America's favorite '90s TV couple at a table reading.

    11. Whoa. A Saved by the Bell tour.

    12. So. Much. Fun.

    13. Loving the white jeans, A.C.

    14. Epic Slater shot.

    15. Nice legs, Preppy.

    16. Screech The Weird.

    17. Tori Spelling was on three episodes between 1990 and 1991.

    18. Aw!