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15 Ladies Who Will Make You Rethink Mini Buns

The '90s are back. For the millionth time.

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1. The '90s might have been the last time you rocked mini buns, but guess what...they're coming back, and they look pretty damn cool. Just look at this music festival-goer with her sweet 'do.

2. Letting half your mane go natural and creating two buns directly on top of your head looks undeniably chic.

3. Or, you could keep most of your hair down and create very small twists.

4. Another option: braided knots for more of a Rapunzel vibe.

5. It's a remarkably good hairstyle for ladies growing out their roots — it just looks naturally edgy.

6. With a sleek bang and a floral crown, it's even possible to imagine it as a bridal or bridesmaid style.

7. A side part is great for daytime, or a way to spice up your gym hair.

8. And if you add a strong brow and a bold lip, mini buns easily become your new go-to evening look.

9. If you want to get artsy, you can play with unconventional parts.

10. And remember, they don't even have to be perfect buns. You can create messy loops and twists and it all looks intentional.

11. But really, mini buns look great no matter what kind of hair you have. It's a way to create something different with fine hair...

12. And short hair? No problem.

13. What about bangs plus buns? The right outfit and styling makes it decidedly grown-up (and far from Baby Spice).

14. Of course, if you've got lots of hair, you can really use it to your advantage to create larger shapes.

15. All in all, there are so many ways to bring mini buns back into your life. Consider it your new weekday whimsy.

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