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    12 TV Shows Of The Early 2000s That Teen Girls Loved

    OMG it's been nearly 10 years since Laguna Beach debuted. Where does the time go?

    1. Gilmore Girls, 2000–2007

    The relationship you always never wanted with your mom. Unless, of course, she was Lorelai Gilmore.

    2. MTV's Cribs, 2000–present (apparently)

    A look into the homes of celebrities and what you found there — lots of statues, fountains, dogs, and loneliness.

    3. That's So Raven, 2003-2007

    Is there anything better than the world's most fashionable psychic teenager?

    4. Lizzie McGuire, 2001–2004

    Just a young teenager trying to be cool. In other words: you.

    5. Undeclared, 2001–2002

    The world wasn't yet ready for Judd Apatow's short-lived masterpiece, which gave you a completely unrealistic idea of college.

    6. The OC, 2003–2007

    Raise your hand if you're still celebrating Christmukkah and have a crush on Seth Cohen.

    7. The Osbournes, 2002–2005

    You loved this because even the richest, most famous family is still a messed-up family just like yours. And Kelly Osbourne.

    8. Hannah Montana, 2006–2011

    Don't we all secretly want to have secret lives as pop stars?

    9. Zoey 101, 2005–2008

    Britney Spears' little sister, a beachside high school, and proper millennial fashions = total guilty pleasure.

    10. Laguna Beach, 2004–2006

    Like the older, cooler, real-life Zoey 101.

    11. The Hills, 2006–2010

    The older, cooler version of Laguna Beach, except with apartments.

    12. Veronica Mars, 2004–2007

    Rad high school student's after-school activity is helping her private eye dad. YESSSSSS.