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5 Veggies You Should Make Peace With

Who said broccoli ever liked you, eh?

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Although he may look quite intimidating, broccoli is actually one heck of a vegetable!

It's a great source of vitamins, such as vitamin C (that is also found in various citrus fruits) or vitamin K, and along with several other awesome things, like helping cure the common cold, it reduces risk of stroke and heart disease!

Yummy broccoli recipes

You go broccoli!

Brussels Sprouts

OK. Let's put our anger to the side, and appreciate the fact that these little green buds are not only low in fat and sodium, but also contains sulforaphane, which has anti-cancer proprieties!

And they taste delicious roasted with garlic!

Let's have a round of applause for these mini-cabbages!


Someone's not happy to see you. But you should be happy to see him! This sexy purple root is a good source of vitamin C, and magnesium and potassium!

You can substitute potatoes with this bulbous beauty, because it contains only one third of the calories.

Take a bow, Mr. Turnip!


Don't judge a book by its cover! Going beyond the spongy texture and waxy skin, eggplant is a great source of fiber, and although it's not the king of vitamins, scientific research has shown that it can help your digestion! This vegetable has a unique taste, and can quite easily adapt to any dish.

Not convinced? Try home-made ratatouille or Moussaka!

Let's make some noise for Sir Aubergine, ladies and gents!


Before you tear down this little leaf, and slowly transform it into inanimate mush, take a moment to acknowledge the fact it contains vitamins and fibers, much to the liking of your stomach!

No wonder Popeye ate it!

Try swapping the tin can for fresh spinach leaves, which taste quite splendid in a salad with orange slices or cranberries !

Bravo, spinach!

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