• Lena5

      Maybe they don’t belong on an official Twitter of someone running for political office, but they are not necessarily bad, and it’s certainly not “all” tweets he deleted, but nice reporting. Among others, gone are also those where he’s making fun of himself and his “classy” moments. While he may use inappropriate language sometimes, his heart seems to be in the right place.  Those who don’t understand the one about drinking game are either stupid or obtuse. Read the comments to the linked HP article. They will help explain your reading comprehension problem. To summarize: pointing out the lack of racial diversity at RNC doesn’t make someone a racist.  To someone from Facebook who commented that it took 2 people to copy & post several tweets. It’s like an old joke about police in a communist country. They went everywhere in pairs because one could read and the other could write.  BTW, Benny Johnson, I hope you never run for office, because the stuff you’ve been spewing on your Twitter account made me surprised you’re really employed by Buzzfeed. I didn’t realize their standards were so low.

    • Lena5

      ifixc5: Yours may be one of the most ignorant posts ever that I’ve seen on the subject. Let me address your main “points.” You’re misusing the world natural. The main definition of it is: present in or produced by nature. Homosexuality is, by all means, present in and produced by nature. Which brings me to: “Can you imagine if the plant and animal kingdom decided to switch over to an unnatural order and existence?” Homosexuality does exist in animal kingdom and always has. There’s no fear of animals, including humans, going extinct for that reason as the vast majority is, so far, heterosexual. However the end of existence on this planet is going to look like, if it ever happens, it will have nothing to do with homosexuality. Not all animals, let alone plants, reproduce sexually. And some can do it both ways. Some plants even do it with the help of animals. How…natural! Some species do it by parthenogenesis (look it up) or even cloning. Then there are species that can change their sex depending on the need, like some fish. Most snails are hermaphrodites=can both impregnate others and be impregnated by them or some even can self-impregnate. DidIjust blow your mind?Imean, didn’t you have biology in school at all? Stop using the word natural and start saying what you really meant by it, which is “morally acceptable by me.” So you think gay marriage is “a display of perversion, degradation,awarped and twisted mind.” You don’t really offer any credible defense of that position; adding “..period!” after every statement doesn’t make it true. Saying other people have hatred for it, too, doesn’t help your position, either. Whatever you think about homosexuality, no one is forcing “such actions and thoughts” upon you. It’saridiculous statement and completely untrue. No one is pushing their rights ON YOU. They’re asking for equal rights for themselves. Gay marriage has absolutely no bearing on your own life or marriage. NONE. It doesn’t mean you will have to divorce your spouse and go and marry someone of your own sex. Or have that kinky, dirty homosexual anal sex. You know, that kind that soooo many heterosexuals are having, too. “Biblical facts”? One more reason whyIthink that you haven’t read the Bible. And if you have and you still think those are facts (and actually know whatafact is) then… God help you.  You know what religion does? It helps accentuate how people really are inside. That’s why some people will use it to do good in the world and love one another, and some will use it as excuse to spread hatred and intolerance.

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