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Tumblr Remembers Lily And James Potter, 32 Years On

Forget Halloween; October 31st is the anniversary of the day Harry Potter lost his parents to You-Know-Who.

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This is how most of Tumblr views October 31st.

Starting at midnight, Tumblr users started preparing themselves for what was about to happen.

Some posts were just a whisper, a sign of what was to come.

Some shared their plans for the day.

This person is taking personal responsibility.

There were a lot of gif sets.

And a lot of reaction gifs.

Warner Bros. / Via

Cue the ugly cry.

There's a fanmix, because your feels need a soundtrack.

Listen Here!

Some of it was just really weird.

Weirdly accurate?

Weirdly accurate?

Some of it only makes sense to Starkids.

But all of it was sad.

Because they were so perfect...

Warner Bros. / Via

And they died so young...

Warner Bros. / Via

So their baby could live.

Warner Bros. / Via


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