13 Dogs Reunited With Their Soldier Parents

There’s nothing more important than family. And yes, that includes the furry members, too.

1. This dog who turned into a puppy when he saw his human for the first time in forever:

Itschmidt02/YouTube / Via youtube.com

2. This dog who had the most fun reunion ever:

Tony Morabito/YouTube / Via youtube.com

3. This pup who had been waiting a long time for this day:

LycanJefferson/YouTube / Via youtube.com

4. This deaf rescue dog that saw his dad through the window and never looked back:

Shanti Kriens/YouTube / Via youtube.com

Fast-forward to the 2:30 mark for the good stuff!

5. This Boxer who couldn’t wait another minute longer to see her human:

Kdaisy/YouTube / Via youtube.com

6. This dog who didn’t even know how to handle it:

lordofpraise/YouTube / Via youtube.com

7. This dog who was so happy he wanted to dance with his human:

Whitney Crowder/YouTube / Via youtube.com

8. This big boy who missed his dad so much:

Jennifer Levine/YouTube / Via youtube.com

9. This Bernese Mountain Dog that would have literally climbed a mountain to see his human again:

Gracie Crisler/YouTube / Via youtube.com

10. This dog who thought he’d never see his owner again:

AmazingVine/YouTube / Via youtube.com

11. This Boxer who was totally not expecting this:

LycanJefferson/YouTube / Via youtube.com

12. And this dog who just couldn’t hold back the doggy tears:

grabagething/YouTube / Via youtube.com

13. There’s just nothing like the bond between a soldier and their sidekick.

DVIDSHUB/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: dvids

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