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Introducing The Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit

Time to step up your Ugly-Christmas-Sweater-Party game.

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Nothing says Christmas like a good ol' Ugly Christmas Sweater party, but what if I told you there was something more, something better out there?

Say hello to the magic that is the Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit from

They've got all your bases covered.

From the I-made-this-out-of-leftover-wrapping-paper Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit:

To the thanks-for-the-felt-blanket-grandma-but-I-really-would-have-rather-gotten-a-suit-for-christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit:

And even the timeless my-significant-other-is-making-me-wear-this-because-they-already-owned-a-matching-scarf Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit:

With each of these suits costing $109, you can expect the men paying for these babies won't be attending any regular Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties, but probably some fancy soirée that actually takes place in the North Pole. Well it's either that or they are in fact going to a regular Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and really enjoy attention.

Unfortunately, all of these Ugly Christmas Sweater Suits are currently sold out, but have no fear! Three other suits are currently available for all of your festive soirée needs.

The feeling-festive-on-the-4th Suit:

You can light my fireworks any day.

The supposedly-new-years-but-actually-myspace-background Suit:

I know who I want to kiss and add to my Top 8 at midnight.

And last but certainly not least, the I-love-Katy-Perry Suit:

Damn, I'd like to hear him roar.

Thank you You've given one of the greatest gifts to the world this Christmas: Fashion.

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