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10 Things You Tell Yourself To Justify Skipping Class

Don't worry, college is all about living in the now!! And regretting it shortly after.

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1. People watching at a club is practically going to anthropology class.


Related excuses include "gambling in Vegas is basically the most hands on stats class ever" and "watching a full season of Attack On Titan easily makes up for missing Japanese class today."

2. That professor just reads off their Powerpoints anyways.


Or possibly "that professor always posts their slides online." Later followed by the all-too-common "I do not understand what these slides mean at all."

3. It's 10:50 and class starts at 11. By the time I get ready, lecture will be half over.


Also, if I interrupt the professor, there's a chance they could remember my face and hate me for the rest of the quarter. I'm not really sure if that's the type of professor they are...I haven't been to class enough to be sure.

4. "Attendance is only like 5% of my grade. One more absence won't really do anything."

Is what I tell myself every time I have class.


5. I took a final today, I deserve a break.


I'm getting myself Starbucks and going home.

6. ...meh.


I really don't have a reason, but I'm just not feelin' it today.

7. I have a test later today so if I skip this class, I'll have extra time to study.


Or watch another episode of Attack On Titan, we'll see where the day takes least the intention was productivity. Isn't the thought what really counts?

8. My dorm is currently closer to me than my next class...


Walking shorter distance = storing more energy = more brain power for later.

9. It looks so cold out...and my bed is so warm.


There's a possibility it isn't even cold out, I haven't checked the forecast, but the look of that one cloud I can see out my window makes me slightly uncomfortable and simultaneously more sleepy.

10. There's a guest-lecturer today.


Not on the midterm? Not going.

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