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10 Reasons Why Senior Dogs Are Amazing

You may not be able to teach them new tricks, but they can show you some good old fashion lovin'.

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1. They have years of sass experience.

Via Instagram: @journeyofnana

Walking? How old do you think I am? Two?

2. If you don’t think this dog looks like an adorable elderly man-piglet-bear hybrid, you’re lying.

Via Instagram: @dogvacay

I can almost hear him snorting timeless words of wisdom to me.

6. Because no matter how old they get, they will always have the spirit of a puppy.

Via Instagram: @ipittythebull

He was unbelievably close to getting that ball.

7. Because they get cute little white beards.

Via Instagram: @susiesseniordogs

8. They’re pretty adorable when they get confused.

Via Instagram: @journeyofnana

9. Tell me this face doesn't make you smile.

Via Instagram: @ipittythebull

10. Their puppy love is years in the making.

Via Instagram: @journeyofnana
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