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23 Products Every Dangerous Woman Needs In Her Life

♫ Don't need permission, made my decision, to test my limitsssss ♫

1. A fragrance that’s “Sweet Like Candy”, although let’s set things straight, you’re not one to mess with.

2. This mask for when you’re feeling Dangerous Woman af.

3. This sweatshirt with a fresh type of flow.

4. This black skater skirt to confidently slay in.

5. The throw pillow cover of any sassy queen's dreams.

6. Nail decals that scream ARIANATOR.

7. A sweatshirt that is true to who you are.

8. These wireless headphones to jam to Side to Side while on the exercise bike.

9. Hairspray to keep your high pony intact.

10. A sexy bralette because you’re fearless and you love your body no matter what.

11. White trousers, because look at these things.

12. A comfy oversized hoodie to go over your bralette, in case it gets chilly.

13. Kat Von D tattoo liner for a flawless wing every time.

14. A pair of chic sunnies. (Can’t see the haters with these on).

15. This cute choker set.

16. A pretty little backpack to carry all your essentials.

17. BADgal mascara for fun and flirty lashes.

18. A stylish blush colored bomber.

19. And a hat to match.

20. These Mac Lip colors to choose from depending on your mood.

21. A travel makeup pouch that states nothing but the truth.

22. Boots that you can make a statement in… and use to kick misogyny in the ass with.

23. And last but not least, cat ears that say you are one fierce and confident feline.