The Narwhal Is The World’s Most Magical Animal

If the unicorn of the sea isn’t already your favorite animal, it should be.

1. This is the narwhal. He wants to be your new best friend.

2. Narwhals have tusks, like unicorns.

Seriously, narwhals are real life examples of UNICORNS!

3. The tusk is actually a nine foot long tooth.

4. Male narwhals use their tusks to attract hot lady narwhals.

Narwhals don’t spear their food with their tusks. It is believed that the tusks are used for impressing and fighting over potential mates.

5. In medieval times, narwhal tusks were sold as unicorn horns.

Unicorn horns obviously have magical powers, so royalty paid a lot of money for them.

6. Mr. Narwhal is arguably the best part of the movie “Elf.”

The narwhal has also made celebrity appearances in “Moby Dick” and “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”

7. Long live the narwhal!

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