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    20 Ways To Expertly Survive Thanksgiving Dinner With The Family

    Whether family means relatives at Grandma’s, a weekend at the in-laws, or a group of friends around an Ikea table, Thanksgiving can be a time of joy, togetherness, awkward conversations, tension, and near-fatal amounts of calorie consumption. Pop open those cans of cranberry sauce and brave it out together.

    1. Invite a friend or significant other for support.

    2. Grab a drink to get in the mood.

    3. But be sure to know your limits.

    4. Try to avoid sticky topics of conversation at the table.

    5. And be an attentive listener.

    6. Always have a little something prepared in case you’re called on to say grace.

    7. Bring a signature dish to wow the crowd.

    8. But pack a snack in case of a kitchen emergency.

    9. When your grandparents ask about your high-tech job, just tell them you work with computers.

    10. Avoid awkward personal questions by gracefully changing the subject.

    11. Have a few interesting facts prepared for when things get slow.

    12. If things start getting crazy, try to stay cool.

    13. Don’t pick a fight, even if it’s tempting.

    14. Because no matter how much you fight it, you’re definitely related.

    15. …Which means you’re all crazy in the same way.

    16. So celebrate together with delicious food.

    17. Don’t be afraid to pitch in with the little ones.

    18. And leave enough leftovers for everyone.

    19. Pretty soon, it’ll be time to go!

    20. And you can coast confidently until Christmas.