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AnyJunk IPhone App - UK's First Waste Removal App

Download the app The new AnyJunk iPhone application makes getting rid of any old junk a breeze. You simply record a video of the waste you want collecting, then through the phones GPS it tells them your location, you select a collection time, they will respond to you with a quote for coming to take it all away, simple! Types of junk that can be collected from the AnyJunk iPhone application includes old furniture, clothes, bric-a-brac, broken appliances, office equipment, refurbishment waste and builders’ rubble and garden refuse. In 2010, 79% of waste collected by AnyJunk was diverted from landfill. Materials are taken to licensed waste transfer stations and recycling facilities or passed on to reuse organisations (including Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation). The service is available in all major cities in the UK

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