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How To Make Prank Calls In Nine Accents

A YouTuber who goes by the username Owenage Pranks has made more prank calls in the last two years than Bart Simpson had called Moe's Tavern in the 24 seasons of The Simpsons.

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Who is behind Ownage Pranks?

The guy behind these phone pranks maintains anonymity because nobody likes to be sued. He can imitate at least nine accents. As you can see in the above picture he can imitate an Asian (Indian and Chinese), Mexican, Nigerian, African-American, Redneck etc.

Indian waxing salon prank

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A salon receptionist feels too embarrassed to explain over the phone about a full Brazilian wax or the Bikini Wax.

Asian condom prank

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A middle-aged store manager tries to find the right "fit" for our prank caller.

Asian restaurant fire prank

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You will feel sorry for the Chinese restaurant owner, but, sadly, you can't help laughing at his loss.

Xbox 360 Kinect support prank

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A Kinect tech support employee tries to explain to a black guy that his Xbox is not racist.

Spanish job applicant prank

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A toy store manager wasn't willing to say pinky swear on the phone with a Mexican job applicant, who just told her his dark secret.

Crusty Doo Doo in Boxers Prank

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A Texan man calls a store's underwear department and complains about a "crusty doo doo stain" on his new boxer briefs.

Where can I find more hilarious videos?

I used only six accents because the other videos contain strong language. You can find more awesome stuff by subscribing to his YouTube channel or visit his

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