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    • leef8

      This is a screaming rant, I apologize to all you who don’t want to read it, and say you don’t have to, but here goes anyway: 1’s reason: I can’t see myself being with another woman (Then don’t be!!!!!) 2’s: It’s a deadly sin (NO IT ISN’T!!! Lust, envy, greed, wrath, sloth, pride, gluttony, these are the 7 deadly sins, notice homosexuality is not there!!!) 3’s: It’s written in the bible (NO IT ISN’T!!! Read the book before you quote it!!!) 4’s: Because god says (When? Did you talk to him???) 5’s: Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve (It also doesn’t say Adam and Shaniqua, is multi-ethnic marriage wrong too? this is an argument that literally doesn’t exist) 6’s: It’s the nature god gave us (you are aware that out of the 300+ species that practice active homosexuality, only humans are prejudiced against it right?, of no they try and stifle that information in religious schools, sorry I forgot) 7’s: God says honor your mother and father, not your mother and mother/father and father (Okay….so, I should not honor my uncle or grandmother either?) 8’s: God created humans as man and woman (He also made hermaphrodites, gender-less people, and eunuchs, where do they fit in?) 9’s: You need a mother and a father(Then apparently our president, who was raised by a single mother, just doesn’t exist, right? Or my good friend who worked his way up to management with two mothers, they couldn’t possibly be successful, could they?) 10’s: Because god created us that way (He also created homosexuals as they are) 11’s: Because it’s gods’ way (1, you’ve made no contributing argument whatsoever, 2, “Gods” Not “gods is”) 12’s: Because it’s the right way (Says who?) 13’s: Because [something scratched out] it the right way to do it (…..what now?) 14’s: Fatherhood and Motherhood are unique, and both are necessary, But I do fiercely believe the law should protect gay citizens (Miss, you may step over the line, you seem to be on the wrong side of the argument here) 15’s: I can’t be a princess without a king and queen (Fair enough, your parents, and you are not in any way required to be gay) 16’s: Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve (See 5’s) 17’s: I wouldn’t be here without my mom and my dad (Uh, okay, good to know, but why does that mean gays and lesbians can’t marry?) 18’s: Marriage is not a right, it is a call from god (so then, we should offically deny all non-christian marriages by your logic, since they aren’t called by your god?) 19’s: I think everyone deserves a mom and dad (So what if one of your parents dies, do we assign you a replacement? Here’s the thing, not every child in a straight family is planned or wanted, whereas every baby adopted by a gay parent or couple is specifically requested) 20’s: Marriage is a child centered institution (Then clearly all those horrible, evil infertile people should be banned as well, since it’s morally wrong to not be able to have babies) This, is kind of disappointing really, under no circumstances should someones squeamishness prevent another persons consensual and reasonable happiness

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