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    • leef16

      With Russia putting Nukes into Kaliningrad, the Indians pulling out the barricades outside the US embassy that was used for security because of the way we treated their Consulate member, China almost ramming our ships at sea, paying about the same amount of interest on 17 trillion as we were on 9 trillion because of low interest rates that wont last, just being 17 trillion in debt to begin with, about to face the Fed. putting a stop to buying stocks at a rate of 8.5 billion a month to keep the Stock Market at a false high, 70% of all new jobs being part time and Min. wage, Obamacare about to break the back of our middle class, Al-Qaeda having whole armies in Syria after being told they were on the run, our allies finding out we have been spying on them AND their leaders…Yeah! What we need to worry about is if Russia will let the little fairies have parades and give out Homosexual Propaganda to school kids in Russia! Way to go Obama! Real smart!

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