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17 Things You'll Understand If You've Been To Glan-Llyn

Tocyn Iaith for those who remember them all.

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1. The terrified, whispered conversations about the Black Nun for three weeks prior to going.

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Marvelling at the apparently complex nature of her appearances. "It's usually on a Tuesday, after 8pm, before 10pm, but not on the third Tuesday of the month or when the Brits are on."

2. Sleeping for less than 37 minutes on the first night.

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SO EXCITED! And, you know, the Black Nun.


8. Building rafts that broke up and sank within 90 seconds of hitting the water.

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9. Only having actual tea at tea time, like it was still 1958.

Glan-llyn had breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. Most of us understood "tea" as the evening meal, but not so in the Glan-llyn time warp, where dinner was the proper meal and "tea" was actual tea and jam at 4pm.