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    17 Things You'll Understand If You've Been To Glan-Llyn

    Tocyn Iaith for those who remember them all.

    1. The terrified, whispered conversations about the Black Nun for three weeks prior to going.

    2. Sleeping for less than 37 minutes on the first night.

    3. Accidentally on purpose falling into the lake.

    4. Ignoring the maximum spending limit set by your school.

    New Line Cinema

    5. Doing the "Oops Upside Your Head" dance in the disco, but to a song in Welsh.

    Flickr: bensutherland / Creative Commons

    Bet you can still hum the tune now, despite having never heard the song before or since.

    6. Obsessively accumulating Tocyn Iaiths.

    Lee Calvert / Buzzfeed

    The magical ticket of Welsh speaking proficiency, awarded if you said "Da iawn" or "Ga i fynd i toiled?"

    7. Waiting to see how long it takes the person in the front of the canoe to work out you're not paddling.

    Flickr: urdd / Creative Commons

    8. Building rafts that broke up and sank within 90 seconds of hitting the water.

    9. Only having actual tea at tea time, like it was still 1958.

    Glan-llyn had breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. Most of us understood "tea" as the evening meal, but not so in the Glan-llyn time warp, where dinner was the proper meal and "tea" was actual tea and jam at 4pm.

    10. Contracting hypothermia on the painfully slow train into Bala.

    Seriously, who builds a train in North Wales with windowless carriages?

    11. Shopping in Bala.

    Flickr: digitaura / Creative Commons

    12. Realising there are only rubbish shops in Bala.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    There really are only so many egg timers with a traditional Welsh lady on them that one person can own.

    13. Welsh rapper Rapsgaliwn busting rhymes with Mr Urdd.


    Like Eminem and Dr Dre, but really, really rubbish.

    14. Wondering what had been written on the wall in room 13.

    Flickr: lorenkerns

    And why did they have to cover it over?

    15. Nearly going blind and deaf from the chlorine and noise in the swimming pool.

    16. Realising it was such an ugly setting.

    17. And finally, recognising your mum's genius when you attempted to repack your suitcase to go home.

    Disney / Via

    How did she do it?!

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